Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Major Pain!

A big ole HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Major Bourland, one of Taylor's special buddy's. The Major is a true outstanding person, American and Marine.

Taylor first found the Major (then Cpt) on while he was deployed. She followed his postings and checked every day to see if he had posted something new. Then she followed him on his website,

Major B came to visit Taylor while she was inpatient at National Institute of Health in Bethesda. They formed quiet a friendship and he has been there for Taylor every step of the way since they met.

This summer, she was able to surprise him as he stepped off an airplane for a fundraising ride in MO for

Major B's birthday is tomorrow, 12-23, and Taylor wanted to be sure to give him an outstanding OOHRAH and to wish him good luck, as he volunteered to head back to the big sand box yet again.


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