Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I know most of you that read Taylor's blog are just as pro military as we are and you all hold the troops close to your hearts. I know most of you say prayers for ALL the troops and or send positive thoughts their way.

I however have a request. Could you please say a few extra for some of Taylor's good buddies that are headed overseas right now? Taylor has always sent care packages and it has always been to random contacts she found at www.anysoldier.com She has had the unbelievable privilege to be able to meet some of those contacts in person! And she views them all as some of her best buds.

Well, now Taylor won't be having to send care packages to random contacts, as there are several that she knows either there right now or are going to be very shortly.

Major B, Lt. Col. W, Spc BJ G, and Major S. Soon there will be someone else, but we haven't seen him post it yet that he is going, so we will keep that quiet until he lets others know and then we can post his name as well.

Major B VOLUNTEERED to go back. Taylor is incredibly proud of these guys and as most of you know, if she could, she would be there to and I say that in all seriousness. She however, at times, allows the little girl in her to peek out and she gets worried.

Please, keep all our troops in your hearts. Please, say a little extra prayer for Taylor's buddies.

On to some more fantastic news!!!! You know we shamelessly plug www.anysoldier.com and for good reason, go check it out. Anysoldier was able to get over $25,000 worth of entertainment equipment to hand deliver to none other then Taylor's beloved Wounded Warrior Barracks!!!!! They will be delivering it on Jan. 14. Taylor about jumped out of her skin when she was talking with Marty and he told her about it, she was that excited!

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ACE CT TroopSupporter said...

Great update, Thanks for posting.
Our Deployed Troops are always in our Thoughts & Prayers.
We All are with them in Spirit.
Take care and will check back for a new post.