Saturday, September 18, 2010


I must apologize, I have been VERY lax in my updates on Taylor, the things she has done and the wonderful people that have come into her life. I have a million excuses, but are any of them worthy of not keeping this updated??

So much has happened since my last update, and I WILL get to those SOON. A teaser.....

Taylor was invited by a wonderful friend to an IWO JIMA veterans reunion in San Fransico and it was more then amazing! She has befriended several more wounded warriors, done an escort of the Ride With the 40 and just recently, got to meet a first responder from 9-11.

School just started and she is now in the 11th grade which in incredibly hard for me to comprehend. She is still this small little thing and when I look at her physically, I still see a young girl. However, in age and spirit, she is anything but a young girl.

She has meet so many veterans and ones that she is so proud to call a friend now. I always love when she gets to meet an older veteran, she starts to talk to them and very soon after the conversation starts, they have a smile that comes across their face that is hard to describe. It isn't the smile of 'nice to meet you' but a smile from deep within their souls. It is something that is hard to describe.

We have suffered the loss of a dear friend of ours and Taylor took it very hard. However, she was SO proud of the send off we gave to our dear dear 'Dirtbike', while he never served, he over came some huge hurdles and was the truest of patriots you could ever meet. He and her shared the deep love and compassion for our troops and veterans.

I now have a new scanner and will be able to post pictures, I just have to find the time to get it set up, the pictures down loaded and then I will start posting again. I will do it SOON!

Thank you all for being a part of Taylor's life, and for being patient with me on my lack of updates!