Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kevin is sick, Military Appreciation

Very sorry about not keeping up here for a bit. On Sept. 6th, Taylor's dad got admitted to the hospital and was there for 2 weeks. He is home now, on IV antibiotics and will have some major heart surgery on Oct. 8th.

Kevin was sick all summer long and come to find out, he got an infection in his blood from going to the dentist and having a routine cleaning and then the infection attacked his heart. He was extremely sick and not doing well at all. Our little Gunny took it pretty hard. She unfortunately understands all this stuff all to well and it hit her hard. She was extremely happy to have him come home.

Kevin is doing better now and once we get over this huge obstacle that has been placed in front of us, we will get back on track.

Taylor was down for a bit, but she didn't let this stop her mission. Once her dad was out of the hospital, she had us go to a school board meeting with her where she stood in front of the board members and said she had noticed that there were tons of trophy's for sports and other things, but no mention of any of her school's alumni that have served in the Armed Forces. She wants that changed.

Taylor wants a plaque to honor those that have gone to her school, past, present and future that are serving our great country. She is also trying to secure a flag that was flown in over the capital in Washington and then once her dad recovers from his surgery and is well enough, we will go to a ball game and during half time, have a presentation of the plaque and the flag. She would like this to be a Military Appreciation Night and all those that have served be admitted free.

During our last football game, she set up a little booth and did a fund raising for the plaque and I have to say, she did quiet well. We were only there up until half time and then had to leave because her dad wasn't feeling well, so we are going to give it a try at the next game.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Just a little down and out

Well, my little Gunny is a bit down and out. My mom's birthday was yesterday and it was a hard day. Taylor really misses her Gram's and today she shed many tears over it. Doesn't help that she hasn't been feeling the best lately. Her chronic fatigue has shown it's head for a little bit now and she has been really tired and not much energy. Right now, she is getting her facial swelling as well.

School starts tomorrow and she is very excited about it. I on the other hand, dread it! It means that she won't be getting the rest her body demands and she will be under more pressure. She of course takes it all in stride and does her best and then some. Never wants to quit and give up, always pushing to do better and to try to stay with the other kids. I so admire her for that. To her, she doesn't realize she is even struggling at times because it has always been like this, so it just feels natural to her.

I am sure the next couple of weeks she is going to be exhausted, but you know, she will have that million dollar smile on her face no matter what.

Next week we go to the Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids for a check up. I always HATE having to go in, in fact, I always dread when we have to see a specialist. We never know what the latest is we are going to find out. But, I always hold onto the fact that she is HERE and that she has beaten the odds her whole life.....