Friday, April 24, 2009

Article in paper

Here is an article that was written about Taylor's DAR award she received from the Daughters of the American Revolution, for the state of Michigan. Also, yesterday in the mail, Taylor got a letter congratuling her on winning the Eastern Central division of the United States from the DAR for her work with veterans and active duty. We aren't sure what all is happening with that, but once we find out more, you know I will update! Once again, VERY PROUD of Taylor and her selfless work she does for our military.

Taylor Batten honored at state DAR meeting
Above and beyond - Pictured with Taylor Batten are, from left, DAR members Rebecca Shank, Jan Streeter and Katherine Langworthy. Photo provided
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 2:54 PM EDT
E. LANSING — St. Joseph County’s very own Honorary Marine Gunnery Sgt. Taylor Batten was named the State DAR Veteran Patient Youth Volunteer for 2009 at the State Awards luncheon in East Lansing.

Taylor, a ninth grade student at Mendon High School, has devoted the past four years supporting our troops overseas and the wounded veterans in hospitals. Averaging 400 or more hours a year, she sends cards, letters and packages, visits hospitals to cheer up the wounded and attends funerals of our fallen heroes.

Taylor has been adopted by the Wounded Warriors and supports the Children of Veterans Organization. She is also a member of the Patriot Guard Riders often attending funerals with them. In addition she works with other groups that have similar focus, the American Legion and the Blue Star Mothers.

On hand to honor Taylor were six members of the Abiel Fellows Chapter that nominated her. Also in attendance were her parents Kevin and Cathy Batten, Mendon High School Principal Jay Peterson, State Senator Cameron Brown and special guest Commandant Bob Cook of the Kalamazoo Marine Corps League. DAR members from across the state and their guests gave her a rousing standing ovation.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Taylor needs your help! The Michigan Week Parade is coming up, May 16th to be exact. Taylor wants to get as many people as she can to walk with her in the parade, carrying American flags (provided) to show that patriotism is alive. Her message is simple, WE SUPPORT OUR VETERANS AND TROOPS.

Her goal is for 100 people to walk with her. How glorious would that be to see 100 people walking in the middle of a parade, carrying 3 x 5 flags attached to 6 ft poles?! HELP TAYLOR AND SHOW UP, HELP HER SPREAD THE WORD!

I hope the flyer she had made shows up big on the blog, I still haven't mastered on how to make large pictures show up.

Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 Outstanding Youth Volunteer for Veterans

What do you say when you get a phone call telling you that your daughter has been chosen to get an award for the whole state of Michigan for her work for the troops and veterans?

I got such a phone call about a month ago from the Daughters of the American Revolution. This is not the first time they have honored Taylor and her work she does for the troops. Last year, they awarded her with the Mary Desha Founders medal for her tireless work. This year, she was chosen for the whole state of Michigan.

We went to the awards ceremony on 3-31-2009. Taylor brought her dad and I, her principal Jay Peterson and the Marine Corps League Commandant of the Kalamazoo detachment. Also present was Sen. Cameron Brown. Taylor was not able to sit with us, as she had to sit at the head table. As the ceremony started, they called her to the stand and the state regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution started talking about Taylor and listed off everything she has done.

Now mind you, I have been with Taylor through all of this. We know what she has done and I myself have listed them all a few times, however, that is completely different then sitting back and listening to it being said out loud by someone else.

I sat in the audience and listened to each thing Taylor has done be listed off. I sat back and listened to the audience gasp at different times. I then heard out loud, about Taylor's illness and it literally took my breath away for a moment. It was like I was listening through someone elses ears and hearing all this for the first time. My heart ached with pride. Then, I watched as Taylor got this full faced beautiful smile. One that we don't normally see, especially when she is being talked about. I think she must have felt like I did.

I then watched the audience of about 300 give her a standing ovation that lasted for quiet some time. I watched as many wiped their faces of tears. It wasn't until after the ceremony was over that I realized that Taylor was the only individual that got her own standing ovation.

I thank the Daughters of the American Revolution for their continued support of Taylor and their continued recognition of her, especially the Abiel Fellows Chapter. I thank my daughter, GySgt. Taylor Batten, for her selflessness when it comes to her beloved troops. I thank her for looking beyond herself and doing what is right, because it IS right. I thank her for being my daughter and showing me the true meaning of so many things.