Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free Throw contest

Taylor did it again! She won the first round of the free throw contest. For this particular one, this is 3 years in a row now. She has for the past several years, done two different ones. For the Elks, she has always won the 1st and 2nd round and ended up going to Hope College where she just never had any luck.

For this one, the Knights of Columbus, she has won the 1st round and then has no luck on the 2nd. To us though, she is such a winner! She goes up against girls that are half her size and that have played. Because of Taylor's medical condition, she can't play. It is hard, she wants to so badly and she has the skill, but more so, the heart and spirit.

With her medical condition, visual spatial problems are a big thing. So, how she can nail those free throws we don't know. Not only can she do the free throws, but she can stand far behind the 3 point line and swish it! As tiny as she is, it is funnier then all get out to watch her do it. And it isn't a struggle, she doesn't jump all over the place, she doesn't do the funky chicken with her arms, she just looks at the hoop and there goes the ball......

The one girl that keeps beating her for the last 3 years goes to all sorts of basketball camps and what not. She cracked her dad and I up the other day by mentioning this girl by NAME.

I told Taylor even if she never made one basket, she would still be a winner to us because she is beating the odds once again by even being out there and trying. Can't ask for much more then that.

This time, she took her music, sat in a corner and had her eyes closed. I asked her what she was listening to and she said her Marine Corps hymn. She made 12 out of 15.

We are working on the final details for the Military Appreciation Night she put in motion for this Thursday, Jan 24. She is very excited about it and hopefully, others will be to.

Now if any of you read this before the 23rd, it is Taylor's birthday, please send her some birthday wishes!!!!!


Cheryl Friend said...

You go girl!

"ACE" CT TroopSupporter said...

Great Job.
A Very Happy Birthday to you!