Saturday, December 1, 2007

Meeting up with a friend

Taylor was blessed with yet another great day, spending with one of our finest, Cpl. Andy M.

If some of you will remember, he is the very resourceful Marine that read about Taylor on Major B's blog, found out she was going to be inpatient at the National Institute of Health and then tracked us down and called me and wanted to come visit her. Not only did he come, but he brought along close to a dozen of Marines in their Blues while she was in the hospital. Now I say resourceful because he called me on my cell phone. When he called, we talked for a few minutes and then I realized he was calling me on my cell.........HOW did he get that number?

He read about the great PGR that escorted Taylor and I from the airport right to the hospital, he called up Miss Katybug and talked to her for a bit and convinced her he was one of the good guys and got my number that way. So, he had to do some leg work to even find us, then gave a priceless gift to Taylor that day all those fine looking men filed into her room and then all stood and saluted Taylor.

Today, Andy gave her another gift. He has left Washington's 8th and I and is going to CA now. He has a small amount of time to be home before he heads out west and he and his brother gave up their afternoon and spent it with us. He, just like all of Taylor's other military pals, has stepped up and over a bit to let her know he appreciates what she does.

Taylor doesn't understand it, because she feels she does nothing special, she just does what is right in her heart. How can she not do right when she has such a wonderful example to lead in all of our military that have reached out to her?

We are so appreciative and so incredibly thankful and so blessed to have had a great inspiring afternoon as today.

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