Thursday, December 13, 2007

What can I do?

"What can I do?" Taylor thought that was a funny question the other day when someone asked her that about supporting the troops. I guess now that she is 'seasoned' she just assumes that everyone else should be.

Taylor's answer is the same as always, go to Get a contact and send a letter or care package. Donate to so that they may continue being the wonderful outlet they are, not only to the troops, but to us back at home needing to do our part.

Go to and donate to the wounded. The wounded, so many people think only of those that are deployed. Ever stop to think of how life is for a wounded warrior once they come home? We didn't until we actually met up with them when we were in Washington and then at the Wounded Warrior Barracks.

Get in contact with a hospital and find out how you can send support to these guys, they need it!

How about your local veterans home? Or veterans hospital....THANK A VETERAN!!!!

"What can I do?" There is plenty that you can do Taylor says! Time to get on it and do it, and that is an order from the Gunny!


'ACE" CT Troop Supporter said...

Always a good thing to keep the local News Papers and TV News Stations updated during the Holiday to spread the word on how Every Single American should be in on Sending Support to Our Troops Deployed.
Good Job Gunny!

Anonymous said...

Well Gunny,
you can support me anytime and when I deploy again, i will count on it.