Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Memorial Day, what does it mean to most people? An extra long weekend? A day of cookouts and party? A day to watch a parade, but not get what it is about? Not in our family! I however am ashamed to say, that for many years it wasn't like that, we thought of it as a long weekend, a cookout and party, a parade, that is it, nothing else.

I am proud to say that through Taylor and because of Taylor, we understand what Memorial Day really is and what it really means. We understand we have a long weekend and cookouts and parties and parades because we are FREE to do so. We are free to do so because of the many of generations who have fought for our country and others. If there was no need for a Memorial Day, really think of how things would be for us.....

Taylor and Tanner were in the parade this year. Taylor all decked out and looking squared away, got to lead the rest of our local Heroes, what an honor! Tanner decked his bike out and showed how proud he is to be American by flying the colors.

Taylor wasn't feeling well, but she said there was no way she was going to miss being able to march to show how proud she is. It was hot out and the route was long, but Taylor kept the pace up right along all those grown men. She held her own and never faltered and never fell back. She led them with her head high the whole time. She stood side by side with her 'brothers' and raised a crisp beautiful salute when called to do so.

Not to take away from any of those men there, but there were maybe a few that didn't take it to seriously. There were a few middle agers there that didn't stand at attention, were turned around talking while the others were all showing their respect, raised the salute way after the others. Now on the other hand, there were many older men there, that stood out in that heat and did that long walk, stood tall as they could, stood silent. I am proud to say my daughter was with them. I stood there looking at all of them, seeing the pride they held within them, seeing how they moved forward when they must have been tired, and I wondered to myself.....what stories do these men have to tell? What have they done, where have they been? I think that my Gunny would love to meet these men and listen to the history they hold, I know I would.
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Anonymous said...

Your still my Hero, miss you and Tanner.

Luv Ya Guys