Sunday, May 27, 2007


Taylor had been asked to be in the Michigan Week Parade and to ride with The Daughters of the American Revolution. Taylor was excited about this and wanted to know if her brother could ride along with her, the ladies were very kind and said yes he could. This is a huge parade and the weather was beautiful. Well, it was nice for the parade, but on the way there, the 2 ladies and Taylor and Tanner nearly froze to death on the way there in the convertible!

We found out that afterwards, the VFW was having the Grand Rapids District Pipe Band come in and play. If some of you remember, this is the Pipe Band that played at Taylor's Day. We were invited to come in for some food and to listen to the band, and you know how much Taylor loves the bagpipes so we didn't have to be asked twice! They played magnificent and they played Amazing Grace for Taylor, wow!

There was one man, Donnes, who let Taylor hold onto his pipes. Taylor thought it was so cool to do so, until they told her that the pipes were over 140 years old and worth a LOT of money! Give Taylor a machine gun and she is tough as nails, put a set of 140 year old pipes on her and she turned to jelly! She was scared to death and was so glad when he took them from her...........

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