Thursday, May 3, 2007

Change of Command

Taylor had an easy day compared to the others, she had a chance to sleep in and then she spent a whole morning looking at Lt. Col. Maxwell's photos and listening to him talk about 'back in the day'. If you look at the picture and see the smile on her face, what else can I add to that?! I think she soaked in each word he said to her and she was in awe. I really enjoyed just sitting back and watching those 2 together. Both of them, sitting together, 2 miracles.

We then went to see the Change of the Command of 24 MEU. Colonel Johnson is moving on to Washington and has had a promotion. It was very interesting to watch, as well as to see all the people there. I know that NO Marine would ever brag about this, but remember, I am the Mom so I can brag! Taylor was coined by a 2 star General and I almost had to pull her back down to the ground after that! She was able to meet many more of the higher ranking Marines and shake many hands. Nothing melts the heart of a mom more then watching these tough guys become so gentle and their faces soften as they talked with Taylor.

We were able to go back and spend some time at the Wounded Warrior Barracks again for awhile before we went off to the Officers Club for the reception. The time Taylor spent at the WWB meant so much. While her wounds are different then what they have gotten and her wounds are from a different type of battle, her soul is like theirs. I think sometimes people tend to look at Taylor as that sick child, I know I do at times. I know that when people look at a Wounded Warrior, they see just that, the obvious wound. What is hard for people to see once they have seen that is that Taylor and these guys are human. They are not a sickness nor are they a wound. There are some bonds that most of the general population will never get, no matter how hard we try to understand it or how much we think we do in fact feel it. If you have never had a very serious life threatening illness, you don't know what it is like. If you have never been severely wounded, you don't know what it is like. If you never have been in battle, you don't know what it is like. These guys have that bond, and Taylor shares it with them. Believe me when I say this, if she could spend every day with them, she would. Being around these guys, gave her so much more then I could ever do. For that very reason, it was hard for me to bring her home. I watched her flourish there, I watched a new type of strong come out of her and these Marines gave that to her. I hope they got from her as well. Please remember, if you can, help Taylor in her mission on helping out.
We then went to the Officers Club for the reception for Colonel Johnson and Taylor was able to meet him again, along with 'networking'. Many business cards were passed our way with us being asked to promise to keep these guys up on how Taylor is doing and what she is doing. Again, I think I had to pull her down to earth a bit! She was in her element!

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