Saturday, June 9, 2007


In Kalamazoo, there was a wonderful Memorial Day 5 day symposium honoring our veteran's held by Lest We Forget Our Vet's. Each day was dedicated to a different era and a traveling museum with bits of history were there. A man also brought in his models of certain war scenes and they were very realistic and historically correct.

There were many who showed up for the WWll day and I guess it was quiet a day, we unfortunately were not able to make it but I wish we could have. This is a generation who we can learn so much from and yet, they are almost gone.

Sadly, for the Vietnam and Iraq wars, not many showed up. We aren't sure on why, maybe because it was during a work week? Anyways, we showed up and watched Laura DeRoo speak on behalf of the Blue Star Mothers. If some of you will remember, her son is SSgt. Gabriel DeRoo who the PGR had a mission for last summer and this is the one that we showed up on our own just to show support as Taylor read in the paper that the protesters were to be there and she told us 'We HAVE to go and show our support' and that is how we met the PGR.

Taylor and Tanner were able to meet Bob Heft, the creator of the flag as we know it today. They even got to hold onto the original flag he created many years ago and let me tell you, it is worth a LOT of money! The man that made the models also had several pieces of clothing and outfits from the different wars and he let Taylor put on a flack jacket vest and helmet from Vietnam, her little knees about buckled from the weight!

Taylor was able to stand up and talk for a few minutes as well. Always makes me so proud to see her stand in front of people and talk from her heart.

We also got a very wonderful gift in meeting LCpl Christopher B, who just got back from Iraq not to long ago. He and his mom drove all the way from Jackson so he and Taylor could meet. What a treat!

On Sunday, the PGR had a meet and greet and wouldn't you know it, the sky god's must have not been happy with a certain someone because they opened up with a fury and let it pour rain and thunder and lightening. There were a few times driving that we had to slow down because we couldn't see in front of us, so because of the weather, the turn out wasn't as good as it could have been but we had about 40 people there and several brave souls that even rode their bikes!

Taylor has been asked to be in another parade this coming weekend, she is pretty excited about being in yet another one.

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