Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wonderful heartfelt gift

Taylor got a beautiful surprise gift in the mail yesterday. One of her fellow brother Marines was just horrified by the way Terrorist Taylor was treated at the airport when she was bringing home her spent casing from MOUT at Camp Lejeune and how her casing was taken from her from the over the top TSA agents.

He had told me a bit back that he had a special casing that he had had for a couple of years and was just waiting for that right time to do something with it and once he read what happened to her, he knew what that RIGHT thing was.

Here is what he sent to me in the email describing what it is:

When Pammie and I went to DC for our Marine Birthday Celebration in 2005, we attended the Ceremony at the Iwo Memorial at Arlington Ridge. The finale' was The Rifle Salute and TAPS. That was on November 10th. On the 11th, we returned to the memorial, and without the crowds from the day before, we went up close to the huge monument. In the small grassy area in front of it, I noticed something laying in the grass, almost hidden. It was one of the brass casings from the previous day's Rifle Salute, and I can't figure out how those Marines could've missed it. But I have it and intended to do "something" with it, rather than just keep it laying on my dresser, where it still sets. What I'd like to do is make some sort of "frame" for it, noting the "history" of this casing, so it could be wall-hung. I can't think of anyone more deserving to display this than Taylor.

So, she got her wonderful gift yesterday. When she opened up the package and saw the casing, her little face just lit up! Then, once she read what the plaque said and I told her that her brother Bill was replacing what was taken so horribly from her, she actually got tears in her eyes and in the one photo where she is holding up the plaque, you can see them.

This is what the plaque says:

On the 230th Marine Corps Birthday
November 10, 2005
The Ceremony at the Iwo Jima War Memorial
at Arlington Ridge
concluded with the Rifle Salute and 'Taps'.
On Veterans Day, November 11,
An empty .308 casing from one of those M-14 Rifles
was retrieved by the base of the Monument.
That casing is now being presented to
Our Little Sister Taylor,
Semper Fidelis

What a great gift! Thanks Bill!

(update on the TSA agents, I had called and talked to their manager about what happened. He told me he would talk to those involved and get right back with me. 2 weeks passed by and nothing, so I called him back. He told me he had spoken with those involved and right away he gave me the impression that nothing was being done, as he was told by the lady that searched her that she in fact told Taylor everything she was doing. He told me that everything they did was within regulations and they were doing their job. My frustrations got the best of me and I told him that if by doing her job she meant that she took my daughter off behind a wall and wouldn't let me in with her, told my daughter to spread eagle and that was ALL she said to Taylor, then yes, the lady did one hell of a job. He also asked me again why I did not state BEFORE we went through the metal detection unit about Taylor's medical condition. I asked him WHY would I do that if there was no reason to? I did not state to them before I went in I had skin cancer, what is the point of that? The fact is, once everything happened, and I tried to explain of Taylor's condition, I was flat out told it did NOT matter and I couldn't speak. The fact is, Taylor was taken away from me and I was not allowed to be with her. The fact is, Taylor was searched and patted down and not once explained to WHY or WHAT they were doing. The fact is, Taylor heard the man telling me the FBI was being called and she got incredibly upset and they did NOT care. Had everything went how the agents told their boss it did, I would not have called and I would not be upset. I told him I totally appreciate the job they do, I want to know that my child is safe while flying, I never want another 9-11 ever again. Nothing is being done as far as he was concerned because he talked to his agents and he felt comfortable in what they told him. Then he mentioned that there is no audio recording in that area so there is no way to prove anything. Nice huh? I am now in the process of writing a LONG letter to the head of TSA)


Anonymous said...

Taylor If I remember correctly there is no more space in your bedroom to put things, but I am sure you will squeezeeeee just enough room to hang that plaque, What a honor to have that casing from that special event. Have fun in Missouri.


Mama Z said...

Well Taylor, isn't it obvious after the failed airline bombing over Detroit and the absurd way you were treated that the TSA is a bad joke?!?! They are so bogged down with government rules and regulations that they can't see the forest from the trees. The TSA must be connected to the same group who set the "RULES & REGULATIONS" for the Navy Seals that took the lives of Marcus Luttrel's comrades!

Thank you Taylor for all that you do for the wonderful men and women who risk it all for this great nation!!! YOU ROCK!!!