Saturday, September 20, 2008

Remembering 9-11

9-11 Who will ever forget? Who can ever forget? That is a day, just like Pearl Harbor, that should be with every person until they day the pass. As time goes on, it is so easy to go on about things and just seem to not give it much thought. We do not do that.

Today, we were able to go to a service in honor of 9-11. It was such a beautiful day, eerily like that unimaginable day back in 2001. Seeing the firefighters out in their uniforms, with all their trucks, literally gave you goosebumps and tears in your eyes.

We had a fly over by WWll war birds and just about everyone fell silent in watching them come and then go right over us. This service was special to Taylor, as she had her good friend, Cpl. Cugliotta with her. This young man, went and signed up for service right after 9-11. He loved his country enough to know that we had been attacked and we would be going to war, he loved his country enough to stand up to protect her.

He has done 2 tours, one of them being wounded. The scars inside, live with him every day. He is very proud of his service, he is very proud of his country. Taylor and he have become friends and they seem to help each other. They pull strength from one another and have that unspoken bond that Marines have. I get a smile in my heart every time I think of those two together. Taylor pushes him to do things, and in turn, he shows Taylor what strength is.

Our family remembers 9-11. We think of the people that are gone because of that day, and how life has changed because of it. We think every day of all the people that fight today. It is sad to say, we are stronger because of that day. But we are.

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ACE Troop Supporter said...

We Will Never Forget.