Saturday, September 20, 2008


Taylor has joined the St. Joseph County Sheriff Explorer Program.

She gets to go to the Sheriff department and learn the ins and outs of law enforcement. One day, she learned how they do felony stops, she has shot the AR 15 and has worked in the jail one day. She is amazed! All the deputies have been outstanding to her and she really enjoys going.

This week is our county fair and she had the choice, go to the fair and do kid things, or walk around with the police. I don't think what she chose to do will shock any of you!

And wouldn't you know it, she was riding in a cart and they had just picked up a big bundle of money and there was an 'altercation'. The Sgt. she was riding with, told her to 'guard the cart and the money' and off he went. So, there sat Taylor with a boat load of money, not knowing when the Sgt. was going to return to her. She later told me, she guarded that money with her life and it was a good thing no one came up, because she would have let them have it! Cracked me up, but she was dead serious! She had a great time and looks forward to going back to the jail.
There was also a booth set up for cards for veterans for Taylor to deliver.

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Ace Troop Supporter said...

Way To Go !