Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marine Corps League

The day that Taylor was made a Marine, almost 2 years ago, she was also sworn in as an honorary life time member of the Marine Corps League. 2 years, WOW, time sure does fly! To think, she was a PFC and now she is a proud Gunnery Sergeant, and just how much she has accomplished in that time. The deployed, wounded and veterans have all been touched in one way or the other by Taylor's deep love for her country and military. When I sit back and look over the last 2 years, I am actually brought to tears by what has all happened.

Taylor still battles every day with her health, but she is a STRONG fighter now. The change in her has been completely miraculous. The determination she has for her causes simply astounds me.

She has been trying to go to Marine Corps League meetings in the Kalamazoo area pretty regularly. These men that she sits in with, have all been so kind and wonderful to her. I still think that they are not really sure on how to be around her. I am hoping they are getting more comfortable around her. Most of them have not heard Taylor's real story and all the things she has done, they have sort of an outline, but I think if they all really knew just what she has been through and what she has done, some of them would treat her more like the Marine she is instead of the little girl they see with their eyes.

Taylor doesn't brag up the things she has seen or done, she just sits back and listens to these men. Most of them are from the Vietnam generation back to WW11. They want to be so respectful around her and not talk how we know Marines talk! Taylor loves going there and being with these great men and I have to say, there are times that the meeting will be going and I will just look around myself at the faces, and I am taken aback by the amount of history that is with these men. I am so thankful that we have been welcomed into their 'house'.

Today, we went out and did the Adopt a Highway trash pick up with them. I had my camera, but didn't take one picture. It is a tad bit scary being along side an interstate with semi trucks whizzing by you at 80 mph, so my thoughts were not on taking pictures. Let me tell you one thing though, that is HARD work. Taylor was cursing under her breath at all the litterbugs!

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