Monday, August 3, 2009

Sturgis and Three Rivers parades

Taylor put out a call for patriotism for 2 local parades, the Michigan Week parade in Sturgis and the Water Festival parade in Three Rivers.

Taylor wanted to have people walk with her, carrying an American flag. We also had banners made up, the message was simple but to the point SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS AND VETERANS.

Sturgis weather was rainy. It called for a slight chance of rain and that slight chance of rain turned out to be ALL rain! But we had people show up and many of them all said the same thing, our troops go through much more then this! Taylor's goal was for 100 walkers, while she didn't get 100, it was pretty close and those that did show up, made up for those that didn't!

Three Rivers weather, well that was a different story. It was HOT and HUMID and just down right miserable. The showing was a bit less then the Sturgis parade, but the reception we got in Three Rivers was almost more then you could take! Almost the whole route people stood and clapped and cheered. It was amazing, as you passed people, you could almost pick out all the veterans in the crowd. Standing tall, holding their hands over their hearts, some saluting as we walked by. Many of these were from the WWll era and it was emotional for many of us.

Taylor would like to make sure that those that took the time to show up and walk with her, it meant so much. Thank you for your support once again.

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