Monday, August 3, 2009

Marcus Luttrell

How do you meet someone that has a story that so incredible and so beyond comprehension? I still don't know how to do it, Taylor, she just walks right up, sticks her hand out and introduces herself. That is exactly what she did when she met Marcus Luttrell.

For those of you that have had your head in the sand and have never heard of Marcus Luttrell, we say, shame on you! Marcus has a book written about him and his Navy Seal team, called Lone Survivor. I highly recommend this for any and everyone to read.

The story is horrific, sad, amazing, uplifting in that it shows you that no matter...there is hope and survival, but it left me mad. Mad as hell. It made us mad in that our country has sent some amazing young men and women into war and then slaps such restrictions on them. It is those very restrictions that caused the death of Marcus's team, his best friends. They followed the 'rules' knowing full well they were signing their death warrants.

Marcus survived, how he did will always be a mystery. But he did. He now goes all over the country speaking of what happened. I don't know how he does it. Same goes with Taylor though, I don't know how she does the things she does either. I guess, it is only something that true warriors like Marcus, Lt. Col. Maxwell, Taylor and any other wounded, will understand what keeps them going and motivated.

In meeting Marcus, Taylor gave a firm hand shake and looked him in the eyes and he looked back at her. After hearing some of her story and her struggles, his face softened and he looked deep at her and told her that she could get through anything. He then asked her if she knew it. She shook her head yes, and he told her he could tell she knew what he was talking about, then pulled her in for a hug.

Once they were done talking, I witnessed his face harden again. My heart broke in watching this. I once again was able to see from the outside a bonding, a bonding that only she and Marcus know of. A bonding that only the wounded know of. It is something I will never know, something I will never feel. It is amazing when you see it happen, but so incredibly sad in WHY it is happening.

I will not tell more of Marcus's story in hopes that if you don't know it, you will go read it yourself. Then you will never forget it, I assure you that, you won't forget what he went through to be able to stand there and give my daughter a hug. You won't forget those of his team that were lost because of our 'rules' of engagement.

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