Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oliver North

Yes, that is Taylor standing with Col. Oliver North's arm around her! This past Saturday, a real gift was given to Taylor and I. We got to have dinner with Oliver! It was a fund raiser for the Fallen and Wounded Soldier Fund, 2 tickets were given to us to attend and it was a fantastic evening. Taylor however was not happy with her attire, seeings that we were going to be around some uber rich people and this was a fancy event, she had to 'dress up'. She tried a dress on and that was amazing for her, but once it was on, it came right back off. 'Can't I wear my boots?' she asked me (meaning her combat boots!!!).

We were given access to the VIP lounge and wouldn't you know it, as soon as Oliver came out, he was right at our table and he and Taylor talked for a minute. He called her sweetheart. Taylor put her hands right on her hips and told him directly that she was no sweetheart, she was a Gunny!

As things were winding down in the VIP lounge and it was getting close to dinner time, Taylor was able to go up and talk with Oliver again. This time, she was able to talk to him about her passion, helping the deployed, our veterans and our wounded warriors. He told her he was so proud of her and her work and boy, did Taylor ever smile. She told him she has to go back to Washington in the fall for her own medical testing and that she would like for him to be with her when she goes and visits the wounded again. We will cross our fingers that this may happen.

I have to tell you, even before he got done speaking his sentence about how the media treats our troops, Taylor was clapping her little hands as hard as she could, yelling OOH RAH and AMEN. He hit it on the head in speaking of how piss poor our media has treated our deployed troops. In fact, he got very passionate about his disdain and it was great to see.

He gave a check for $1,000 to go to the FWSF only under the condition that at least 10 other people did the same. Within a minute, he had over $42,000. How outstanding is that? By the end of the evening, over $250,000 was given!

We also got to meet a young man by the name of Robert LaMarche, 82nd Airborne, 73rd Cavalry 1st Squadron. In June of 2007, he was shot in the neck in Baghdad. He was paralyzed from the chest down and told he would never walk again. Saturday night, we watched him walk up on the stage with the help of a cane. A real miracle. He was as humble as all the other wounded warriors that Taylor and I have had the honor of meeting, he was just doing his job he said. He thanked Taylor for her work and she thanked him, he just smiled this sweet smile to her and she gave it back. It was a moment between the two that only they knew what was what. Sadly, I did not get a picture of her and him together, but I know that my little Gunny will always remember him.
I am so fortunate in that I am able to sit back and watch Taylor enjoy herself doing what she loves. I love being able to sit and listen to her talk to people about her cause. We were sitting next to one gentleman whose name I never got, but he and Taylor talked for awhile. As he left, he gave Taylor $40.00 to help with a care package. How nice of him!
She was able to sit and tell people of the Wounded Warrior Barracks and Hope For the Warriors. When she was asked how she found people to send to, by did she ever rattle on about Marty and his site, http://www.anysoldier.com/ It was kind of funny to watch some of these very well to do people stand back and not say a word and Taylor filled them in. There are a few times when she is approached, she is almost sort of timid, but not when it comes to what she believes in, she has no trouble finding the words. There are many people that do not believe in this war. Taylor said it perfectly when one told her this, 'it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not, our guys NEED our help and that is what is important'. The mom pride came out full blast on that!!! Why can't more people see it that way my child does? Plain and simple, help the guys out no matter what.

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"ACE" Troop Supporter said...

Wow, $250,000 raised in just 1 night.
What a great Photo, one that will be cherished for many years to come.