Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daughters of the American Revolution

Taylor has received another award from the Daughters of the American Revolution. She has won the national award of Mary Desha Founders Youth Award!

We got to go to Lansing and have a wonderful dinner, and watched many other young adults get their awards as well. I tell you, it is so uplifting to sit in a room and listen to what these kids have done. Gives you great hope for the future!

Taylor's medal had not gotten to the State Regent in time for the presentation, but she was the first one called up to the podium and the State Regent talked of all that Taylor has done for the troops, deployed, wounded and veterans. This last week, we were invited to another luncheon where Taylor got her medal. While there, we were able to hear a presentation on the WW11 Navajo code talkers, very interesting!

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Ann "ACE" TroopSupporte said...

Congratulations, How Exciting.