Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saying it how she feels

Taylor brought home her work she had to do in class the other day. She had to write about something and she chose to write about how she felt about the war going on. Now mind you, this is coming from a child. Some sentences are in fact, factual. Some, just how she feels in her heart, others that she has read on the internet, through milblogs, or seeing it on the news. Some of it when you read, might not make sense. But in her heart and in her mind, it makes sense to her and I believe in HER sense a heck of a lot more then I believe in some of the so called people that should know better! Once again, we are very proud of her, for having the courage to stand up and say how she feels.

The War in Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have been abused or killed in Iraq by insurgents. Thousands of men were forcefully oppressed into the Iraqi Army Regime. They had to worry about their wife and kids being tortured or killed with no reason at all. Their families would be killed for speaking their minds, or stating their opinion. Entire families would be beheaded even for something as stupid as the way a woman wore their turbans over their face. It is WRONG the way that the Iraqi people were forced to live. The terrorists have killed hundreds of thousands of their own people as well as our own troops and our own innocent civilians on the home fronts of America during 9/11. Do you think that it is our duty to America as well as Iraq to help free and liberate the Iraqi people from these awful criminals who spread terror across the nation, and to have a sense of mind that we put a stop to the terrorism and hatred? I do. Don't you want the bad guys locked up and or killed for their actions so we know they will never do this again? I do. This war is not about revenge, but I sure do believe that we have a purpose over there, and that is why I am here today, to talk about the war in Iraq.

I am for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am for what our troops are doing in those places. I don't just believe, I KNOW we are an essential role in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are making slow but sure progress. It is my personal opinion along with many others, that if we pull out now, it is a sign to the terrorist that they could get away with their ways and with 9/11 and can attack again, and say that they defeated the United States of America on the battle front. I don't want this to happen.

The tide in Iraq is turning and here is proof. Just a few short months ago, the situation in Ramadi, Anbar Province was unstable to the point where going outside was dangerous. But the U.S. military in cooperation with the Iraqi Army have improved security significantly and can now go to work to improve the quality of life in the area. In addition, USMC Sgt. Brody Zeigler of the 3rd Battalion 7th Marines wants to provide for local children by giving them school supplies, food and athletic equipment. There are now over 2,500 renovated schools and 32,000 certified teachers. If we could all send care packages to our troops with something in it for the kids, it will be much easier to liberate and win trust of the Iraqis. How do you do that you ask? You talk to families that have people serving, you get on the web and find military websites, you use What to send? Well, even if it is a beanie baby, it will make a difference to those children who have had to go through so much. Hard candies, chocolate in the winter are favorites as well (ONLY and I mean ONLY send chocolate in the winter, otherwise you would have some chocolate milk and not the cold kind!) Some of the troops even share their own things that were never meant for the kids, but they share them. Notebooks, pencils, pens, even chalk can make those kids happy. They are Iraqis future.

My second reason for the war in Iraq is that the top military commander in Iraq said that violent attacks in the country had fallen by 60 percent. 60 PERCENT!! That is amazing. Even compared to a short couple of months ago, when attacks were the norm, however, he said that the security gains were tenuous and fragile. In addition, there has been fewer numbers of IED attacks in the past three months. The secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, says that the direction in Iraq is headed in a significantly more positive direction.

My third by not last reason is, the top Marine General told reporters that fatalities cause by insurgency was steadily declining. John Burns of the New York Times recently braved the notoriously dangerous Haffia street in Baghdad, but found signs for sure of the tide shifting. He noted encouragingly that two Iraqi battalions were patrolling the area. It is the first time that any homegrown brigade had secured a combat zone. These are no longer the sweaty, overweight Iraqis of Gunner Palace. Now they are ready to fight. General David Petraeus has said there are over 200,000 Iraqi Army troops on duty and patrolling and securing. I think that is very good and promising progress.

I admit there has been death. There has been bloodshed and there has been hard times. But if you look at previous wars, like WW2, we lost 291,557 troops. The valiant actions in Vietnam cost the lives of 60,000. We can't pull out for the 3,900 that have died in Iraq, they can't be lost in vain. They gave their lives for the good of other people.

If you go to Iraq, you see people waving the Iraqi and American flags. The violence has gone down, I don't need to tell you that. We haven't found Osama Bin Laden, that is true, but he has to constantly move because we are still hunting for him. We will find him. It is the duty of the United States of America to finish off the bad guys that came and hurt us in unimaginable ways. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Dec 7, 1941, we went into immediate action and defeated the Japanese. If we could do it then, we can surely do it now.

In our day and age, we are concerned about where we are going to eat or what we are going to watch on TV and not for our troops overseas. That needs to change!!!! Our troops need our support and morale so they can fight for you and for the innocent people of Iraq. If you want the world to be a better place, then help out the troops. They will make it happen. You look at history and we can and will prevail. All we need to do is pull together and make this happen. It is our troops that make this a free country and a safe country. We need to respect that.

I do not think people in congress should take our troops out of Iraq. It is the troops on the front lines that make the difference. The troops who are getting down and dirty and sweaty and fighting, know what is going on over there. Not some person in a suit, working behind a desk in an air conditioned room.

Even though there are over 200,000 Iraqi troops, they cannot be trained over night, just like our troops can't be trained over night. That is why the Iraqi troops are not ready to defend and fight for their country, they are not ready and they still need training. It is up to us to train them so that they can really fight for what is right. We can't just pull out now, because they can't fight, then there will be another dictatorship and we will just have to go back anyways.

I don't know what more I have to say to make you guys realize that our troops are not criminals, they are not monsters and they are not wrong doers, they are just like you and me. They have family and friends. They fight for our country and for freedom. In fact, I hope that you can see they are kind and caring. I cannot stress how important it is to support our troops. They need morale boosters. It is not hard to send a letter to say THANK YOU. A letter to a Marine or soldier can make a big difference. It shows you care. Just support our troops, it is that simple.

Here are some great things from the war in Iraq. The whole international community has pledged 38 billion dollars for schools, health care and infrastructure. That will go a long way for make the schools a better and safer environment. Also, there are more up to date hospitals with better trained nurses. The Iraqi civilians who are hurt by the insurgents can not get proper medical care. A UN resolution will move Iraq towards self government. If Iraq can govern itself, than all we need to do is train the Iraqis, help the Iraqis provide security and do humanitarian work. NATO will help train and equip Iraqi forces to a greater level. More Iraqi security means less of our troops would have to be on the front lines. We could then focus on humanitarian aid. Food and electricity and now evenly distributed across the country. Nearly all of Iraq has food and electricity. Nearly 2,500 schools has been renovated. Just think, those kids can now go to school without consequences. 32,000 teachers in country, teaching can open up jobs and get this country off the ground. After all, the mind is the greatest tool. Health care spending has increased 30 fold since liberation. That means there is more money in the health care system. 2.5 million barrels of oil are being shipped all over the world and that means big bucks for the nation and that helps out everyone in the long run. Free press is one of the most important freedoms. While under Saddam, no one had a right to speak their mind, or do anything really. There was not a whole lot of information being passed around. Knowledge is the greatest thing to have and now they are gaining more and more. Small businesses are starting to thrive. Getting more businesses going would help us get out faster to. Iraq's currency is getting more stable, where as when Saddam was in charge, there wasn't even bartering going on. So you see, all of these are great stepping stones to the beginning of a new nation.

My call for action is to support your troops and support the war in Iraq. We need to help those people over there. We are doing this for the better good of the United States and for Iraq. We are now going to send our troops more heavily into Afghanistan and do what we are now doing in Iraq. I think this is going to be a long war, it already has, but if you look at our name, The United States of America, you see united. We as Americans need to unite and support our troops so they can get the job done!! I hope that you all have learned something from this. I know I have. Our troops are doing a heckuva lot more good then most people think. Thank you for your time.

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