Monday, February 11, 2008

Free Throw winner again!

Well, Taylor stared her old advisary down and she beat it! The last few years, she has been in a free throw contest and she always got to the next level, but when it came to this last level, she could never win. Mad her so mad to!

This year, she took it on and won! Now, she moves to the next level. We are very proud of her on this. She can't play sports and she is going up against girls that have played all along, as well as them all being twice her size. She had to do her 3 warm up shots and missed. UGH, I kept looking at her dad and saying, she is talking herself out of it. Before hand, she listened to her Marine Corp Hymn again, wore her Marine shirt and thought of her beloved Major B who just arrived in Iraq. She got into a zone and made 19 out of 25! We still are amazed at how she does it, as small as she is and given she has visual spatial issues....

To top it off, her brother and her brought home their report cards and BOTH of them got all A's and B's!! WAY TO GO!

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Anonymous said...

Good job with the grades, Taylor and bro.

I never could make baskets, so my hat is off to her on that one too.

Dorothy Moul