Monday, April 30, 2007

The beginning of Camp Lejeune

I have needed a few days just to digest just what happened with and FOR Taylor while at Camp Lejeune. I have really struggled, because at times, how do you describe a feeling? How do you describe a look? How do you describe intense emotions?

I will do this as a new entry for each day there. This entry however will be spent a little on Taylor's excitement on getting there, the Maxwell family, Sgt. Coon, the Marines, the Wounded Warriors.

Taylor just couldn't stand the wait to get to where her destination was, Camp Lejeune North Carolina. We had 2 wonderful flights there, but one time, the plane came in and it was windy and as we landed, the plane landed on one side first then went down on the other. I was beyond the color of pure white and I do believe I might of even groaned out loud. Taylor on the other hand, WOOHOO she said. She was way to pumped and way to excited to let a small thing like a huge plane not landing correctly to dull her anticipation. The flights were just not fast enough, as we got closer she kept asking 'is that the base down there?' 'What time is it?' 'Are we close?' over and over again.

The Maxwell family. What an inspiration they all are. They have overcome some incredible things put in their path of life, and that is putting it mildly. They are wonderful caring compassionate people and it was such an honor to be their guests. They made both Taylor and I feel like we were one of the family and they went out of their way to make sure we were happy. Shannon is an amazing woman who I learned some very important things from and I will do my best to make changes in my lifestyle to reflect what she showed me. The kids were the best. Lt. Col. Maxwell, whether you like it or not, you are one of Taylor's Heroes. You put forth such a wonderful example for her to follow and you showed her the true meaning of MARINE. THANK YOU!

Sgt. Matt Coon. He is Taylor's buddy! He made sure that everything was 110% all the time. What a wealth of information, we learned so much from him. He loves what he does for the Marines and for the Wounded Warrior Barracks, and we can tell, he is so respected as well. THANK YOU!

The Marines. WOW! All stops were pulled out for Taylor and there wasn't a person that we came in contact with that didn't show her top notch respect. No one treated her like a sick little child. Each place she got to go to, she got the royal treatment and I do believe, she was the envy of many of the guys there! THANK YOU!

The Wounded Warriors. Again, WOW! I honestly was in awe of them. When we first got there, they were maybe a little shy, but not bad. But as time went on and Taylor spent more time with them, I don't know who was more funny, their reactions to Taylor or Taylor's reactions to was great! They razzed her, they teased her, they treated her just like one of the guys (well except for when we had to make a head call!) I want each one of these Warriors to know something, by your actions, you showed my Wounded Warrior a lesson that only you could show her. I will not spell it all out for everyone to see, but you all that have been wounded, know what that is. From my very heart and soul, THANK YOU!

Through the Maxwell family, Sgt. Coon, The Marine Corps, The Wounded Warriors.....our family grew the week we were with you. We took away so much more then I ever thought. I am not talking about the gifts (although some of them are beyond COOL!) I am talking about the feelings of strength, courage, and hope you gave to us. The feelings of instant bonding and instant friendship that will last a life time. I now know that without hesitation, Taylor will NEVER give up, Taylor will NEVER accept anything less then 100% will, Taylor will ALWAYS fight her fight.

OOH RAH our Marine family and Semper Fi!

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