Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well, I shamefully looked at my last update and it was in Sept. I said then I would add pictures and update on everything and it didn't happen. I have gotten several emails asking what Taylor has been up to and or if she has stopped her support because there has been no updates to see. The answer is........GET REAL!!!!! If anyone has to ask if Taylor has 'stopped' well you just don't even know my little Gunny do you?!

My health took a not so nice turn and I have just been busy with work and on the brink of exhaustion and my brain just doesn't have the get up and go it had a while back, but I am working on getting back to normal. While it may have stopped me from posting updates, rest assured, Taylor STILL IS FIGHTING FOR HER MARINES, the wounded, ALL military and veterans.

She just turned 17, how can that be? She wasn't even supposed to make it and here she is, 17 years later, taking care of what needs to be taken care of and doing it with complete conviction in what she is doing. Each day with her is a gift, we know this. Some days are much better then others, but she is here and that is what we focus in on. She is here with us, trying to make the world a better understanding world for our military. Trying to make the world understand our heroes, past and present. Trying to make the world see that they must stand behind our troops and do the right thing and SUPPORT.

I am so sorry I have neglected this blog and I have neglected to write down the many wonderful things she has experienced in the last year and the heroes that have crossed her path, whether it be her seeking them out or them seeking her out. I WILL TRY TO DO BETTER!

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