Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Marine Corps Ball

Taylor finally got to go to her first Marine Corps Ball! She was so excited and it was such a nice evening for her. I have to tell you though, it took some encouraging to get her to go in a DRESS! She looked beautiful and she had fun being around all the Marines.

The ceremony included one of her good friends, Adolf Kalafut, Iwo Jima veteran. He was the guest of honor and he is a wonderful man to know. He is also a wounded warrior, and that brings him even closer to Taylor's heart. He loves her so and many times when talking to her, he gets tears in his eyes and he just keeps on hugging her. It is such an honor for her to know him and to be able to call him a friend and a Marine brother.
As the evening wore on and the dancing started, boy did we get some laughs!!! Marines sure do look great in their blues, but they also sure do look GOOFY in those blues when they have 'indulged' and then get out on the dance floor!!!!!

I got Taylor's picture taken and it was one of those moments that after it happened and you walk away, you smack yourself in the head and go DOH! Here she was standing around all these fine looking Marines, and I didn't for a minute think to have them all come up with her to have their picture taken with her. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Well, there is always next year.

She had a wonderful time celebrating the Marine Corps birthday in fine fashion and with those that she loves the most.

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Mrs. Diva said...

Taylor, you wore a DRESS!!! And you look beeootiful :)

PS tell your mom she's fired. You were there, surrounded by Marines, and she forgot to get pics with them?? Jeeeeesh