Monday, November 2, 2009

Visiting the veterans

There are just certain days, times that will always stick with you forever, they are imprinted in your soul. We just had such a day not so long ago.

Our Patriot Guard Riders had a date set up to go visit the Grand Rapids Veterans Home. They had several thousand dollars of stuff they were donating. Taylor decided she was going to spend some of her care package shipping money and went out and bought up many goodies for the vets as well.

It was also a perfect time to hand out some of the cards she had gotten from doing her card drive for the veterans. It was an emotional place to be, being the first time visiting there. We have been to nursing homes already, but this one was just for veterans. We went into a large room that had probably over 100 vets in there and it really takes your breath away.

Taylor went right in and immediately started working the room, going from vet to vet talking to them. It was so neat to watch. No matter how many times I see it for myself, I will NEVER grow tired of watching my daughter give pure love to these great veterans. The smile on her face, knowing that it is coming from within, and knowing she is so happy and she is in her element. It is just like watching a miracle happen.

Taylor had several hundred cards and each one got handed out. Because of the card drive, many of the cards were addressed to her, as many of these cards came from all over the United States. Many of the veterans handed back the cards, telling her they weren't for them. She explained to each one that yes, the card was for them and what she had done. Many of them cried.

There was one veteran in particular that was so touched. He handed the card back, she gave it back to him and told him it was for him. He pointed out the name and she told him that was her name and that she did the card drive for veterans just like him, she told him she did the card drive so that they would know that there are people from all over that are still grateful for them and she also wanted them to know that no matter what, they were not forgotten. He just looked at her for a minute and then he didn't just cry, he sobbed. He laid the card down in his lap and covered his face and just cried. She laid her hand on his shoulder and let him cry. He looked up at her, put his hand on her chest and said "Bless you" At that point in time, I had to turn around and walk out of the room because I myself got so emotional.

It was so neat to see, to see that a simple card of saying THANK YOU touched them all so deeply. To see Taylor once again, feel so at peace and so comfortable, to be able to give her love out and to know she was gaining so much from it.

If you would like to help Taylor continue this by sending cards for the veterans, she would appreciate it.
Many people sent cards addressed with the word VETERAN on it in care of Taylor Batten PO Box 350 Mendon MI 49072
On a side funny note, we have laughed about this ever since it we were standing out in the parking lot, a veteran wheeled up in his wheelchair. You could tell right away, he was a bit on the grumpy side. He asked us what we were doing there and we told him we had brought stuff. He just looked at us and simply said 'well I hope you brought something good' and off he rolled!!!!

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