Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Update, what the heck is an update?! Obviously something I am a stranger to!

There have been many things I have not posted on, Taylor going to see Lt. Col. Maxwell retire, meeting the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, being part of a color guard, getting to spend an outstanding training day with the Michigan state police K9, visiting a veteran's home and the list just goes on......

I will TRY to get updated with pictures SOON!

If by chance you are checking in, please keep Taylor in your prayers and send good juju vibes her way. This coming Friday, she has a big heart appointment at the University of Michigan. This is always a fearful time for her and for her dad and I. Taylor usually is tough as they come, but whenever she has to go up for this appointment, it throws her off a bit. So please, just keep her in your thoughts for her to be strong for this.

Thank you!

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