Monday, May 4, 2009

Thanking a veteran

Some of you may remember, Taylor held a card drive so that she could deliver cards to veterans in nursing homes. I am very late in posting this, but we were so happy with the turn out. Taylor got cards from all over the United States and some came from as far away as Iraq! Taylor was able to collect over 2,000 cards. If you are still interested, please send more and she will keep on delivering them!

Here is a picture of her delivering a bundle of cards to a veteran. He was so happy to have someone there to talk to. He was a farmer before and after his service time and he was so proud of his tractors and to be able to talk to someone about them. He just kept looking at her like he couldn't believe that someone had actually come to visit him!

She is wearing her Explorer outfit, for as soon as she was done visiting, she had to go to the St. Joseph County Jail for her first ride along! Boy, did it turn out to be exciting for her. They weren't even out on the road more then a few minutes and already had someone pulled over. Here is a picture with the officer she did her ride along with.

Taylor is working hard as ever on her up coming projects. We are now making plans for her 2nd annual big fundraiser for the veterans, which should be in August.

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Anonymous said...


You look good in that uniform. You are now a not only a sister of mine from military service, but now you are a sister in brown.

Keep up the good work.