Thursday, January 22, 2009

Presidents Own Marine Corp Band

Taylor has been to Washington twice now for her medical testing. Each time, she has been there just shy of being able to see the drill teams at 8th & I or the Sunset Parade. It upset her both times, as she really wanted to see these.

The Presidents Own Marine Corps Band was coming to a university close to us and it was set up so that Taylor could go there and meet the band! To her, this was exciting because she had missed out on her chances while in Washington and this was like they were coming to her! We were so incredibly lucky as Taylor got to bring her good friend, Sgt. Cugliotta with her and they were taken back stage before the concert to meet with Col. Colburn. They then were taken back behind the band and able to meet many members of the band. We got special seats up close and let me tell you, the band was amazing. Listening to them, just made you so proud of your country!

During intermission, they were taken back stage again and able to meet up with Col. Colburn again as well as other members of the band. Both Taylor and Dean were given special coins and it was a great night. One that Taylor won't be forgetting any time soon.

Once again, Taylor was shown just how much she is appreciated for all her hard work and as always, it just made her glow and made her stronger. I can't thank everyone that was involved enough for making sure this happened for her.

Now if we can only get her to meet the Commandant!!!!

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Chandra Dickinson said...

This is a post I left on another blog talking about you and your amazing daughter!

"Reading this story, you don’t know how close to home this hits. Unlike Taylor, I was perfectly healthy up until middle school when we noticed that I just wasn’t keeping up in gym class the way a girl of my apparent good shape should be. At 12, I was diagnosed with a rare, progressive, nuero-muscular disease. 8 years later, 6 months until my 21st birthday, it’s a daily battle, emotionally and physically. I applaud Taylor for being the generous soul she obviously is. With a serious disability, especially at such a young, and already difficult age, it’s easy to give up or become selfish and inverted but this little girl has done the opposite. I can relate to her on many different levels, especially her fascination with the military. Twenty years old, and my stomach still jumps to my chest when I see a service man/woman in uniform lol. Especially those Marines in their blues lol! It’s a little bittersweet now, knowing that I will never be able to join that family but it makes my heart happy to know that Taylor got to realize her dream of being a Devil Dog. Ooh rah Taylor girl! You rock!!!"

I will DEFINATELY be following your blog now that I've come across it!!!

Chandra Dickinson