Sunday, December 14, 2008

Medical testing

I am very behind on keeping the blog up to date. I have many excuses, but none that are really good enough to justify not keeping up.
Taylor had to go to Washington in Oct. for more medical testing again at the National Institute of Health. It had been two years almost to the day that we had gone there for the first time. We were extremely fortunate in getting a room to ourselves which was wonderful. However, I really wish that the makers of the so called 'beds' that are given to parents to sleep on, I wish that THEY had to sleep on them.

It was a long week for Taylor, but she did wonderful. She was strong and brave. There were some things that weren't pleasant, but she faced them head on and did what was asked of her. I was very proud of her. Once again, we had wonderful doctors and nurses and things ran really well. Each night, Taylor and I got out and walked the campus to get some fresh air and get out of the hospital room. It was hard for us at night time to think of us being so close to DC and yet, because of my lack of knowledge on how to get around, we were stuck in the room all night long. I guess it was for the best though, Taylor was able to get her rest.

This time, as her last visit, it was set up for her to be able to go over to the National Naval Medical Center and for her to spend the afternoon with the wounded. I have to say, this visit was much different then last. Last time we were there, patients were just about busting out of the rooms there were so many wounded there. They were doubled up in rooms. This time, there were far less and that was a wonderful thing. The ones that we were able to visit even had their own rooms.
It was so rewarding as a parent to watch Taylor talk with 'her guys' and to make sure they were staying motivated. She even told one Marine sternly that he had better stay motivated and do what the doctors asked, because he sure didn't want her coming back and giving him hell!!! I think she scared him! I really do wish that we lived closer or that we could afford her to get out there more often, she was so in her element talking with those guys. So at ease and everything just flows naturally. At first, they aren't sure of what to think of seeing this young girl walk into their rooms in THEIR hard earned uniform. However, once they hear her introduce herself as GySgt Taylor Batten and talk to her for a few minutes, all the apprehension they feel is gone and they are talking to 'one of their own'.

Some of the results on the tests were not what we wanted nor expected. Things could have went better as far as that is concerned, but on the other hand, things could have been much worse. We are thankful for the knowledge that we are learning and that is why we go there, to find out what is going on with her. It is always that double edged sword though, you want to know, but once you do you wish you didn't.
I am so proud of Taylor though. She wanted to once again, look outside of herself and look past her own discomfort of what she was going through and go visit the wounded to make sure that THEY were doing well and to give them some support. There were a few times things got rough for her and she herself could have used a visitor or two and some of her own cheering up, but not once did she do a 'poor me'.

We will be going back again in two years.

Once we were discharged, we stayed with Lt. Col. Maxwell's family once again. They opened their home and their lives to us just as they did when Taylor went to Camp Lejeune. They made us feel like we were part of the family again and Taylor was able to spend time with her friend that she so looks up to for inspiration. They are now at Quantico and Taylor and I were able to go visit the new museum there and it was more then outstanding. The Lt. Col. is recovering from a pretty major surgery and his fighting spirit is just amazing. Taylor watched and studied him, when he talked, she listened. She once again gained much on the inside from just being around him.

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