Monday, July 7, 2008


We went once again to Missouri to be a part of the fund raiser. Great time, GREAT CAUSE!

Last year, Major B and Taco (Lt. Col. Bell) were there and this year they were not, for they have both volunteered to go back to Iraq and Afghanistan and they are serving our country, so we dearly missed them. Sue, we missed you as well!

The weather was great, no rain gods mad this year like last! It was a bit on the warm side, but no rain so that was a trade off. Della did a wonderful job as usual in getting things organized. However, the morning of the ride, there was a funeral for a fallen Marine and many people couldn't make the ride due to being at the funeral to give this hero his proper send off. We still had an outstanding showing of people there.

Last year, we went through some beautiful mountain scenery and it just went on and on and on. This year, the route was different and part of it was even closed off because of the flooding going on. We actually got to see some of it. In the one picture we have on here, you see water up to the road. That is not supposed to be there. The river was about 8 miles away and that is how far in it was in that spot.

The roads were scary, and we followed in the van, driven by Marty's son, Jesse. He was an excellent driver, I can say that for certainty. On the roads we were on, once it was white line, there was no more road, no dirt, no nothing but drop off's and he did an outstanding job in making sure the Batten family made is back safely! Thanks Jesse!!

Taylor had a great time being there. is something she believes in with her whole heart and it is one of the many organizations she is very proud to be a part of. Thank you Marty for all the hard work you do to make sure our deployed are taken care of, and thank you for making sure that my Gunny is taken care of!

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