Monday, June 16, 2008

Memorial Day Parade

Many people view Memorial Day as another day to catch up on things, or to get a good deal on all the sales that are going on. Taylor asked why on earth there would be Memorial Day sales. I do not have an answer for her on that, for that is something I don't understand myself. We did not catch up on things, nor did we do any shopping.

For Memorial Day, we went and watched Taylor march in a parade to honor those that have fought for this country. Taylor stood once again amid many great men, and had the distinctive honor of standing and marching next to a Pearl Harbor survivor. As the crowd stood and clapped as these men walked by, along with one small girl with the biggest heart, I was brought to tears many times. She stood tall and gave the proper salute and showed just what respect and honor is. Taylor was even allowed the job of lowering the flag down and up again. Good job Taylor!

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Anonymous said...

Once again, WAY TO GO TAYLOR!!!

I always take my kids to the cemetery for the parade and service. As they've gotten older, sometimes work has interfered for them, but if they're home, they GO. My standard answer to any whining was "one hour a year is not too much to give in honor of what you've been given." They "get it" now and don't whine anymore. ;)

There are many families in our town who bring 2-3 generations to the parade every year. That is so wonderful to see.