Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day at Dad's work

On Friday, Nov. 9th, Taylor's dad's work, American Axle, had their flag ceremony for Veterans Day. They do a first shift ceremony and a second shift ceremony. We were able to make sure that Taylor was there for the second ceremony.

She stood the line, small as she is, next to some of our country's greatest generation. They did the firing squad, and I am fairly certain that protocol was broken in letting Taylor stand with them as they did so.......but they let her have the honor of being with them.

Taylor's dad is recovering very well from his heart surgery. It has been a long hard ordeal for us as a family, but I am very proud as I type this, Taylor troopered on through all this and I got her report card, all A's and B's!


Ann CT Soldiers Angel said...

Looks like Marine Attitude can be applied to school work ;)
Great Job.

Anonymous said...

Taylor is such an insperation to ALL. She is a tough as any Marine I have ever met. I met some pretty tough Marines too. I hope you all don't think it is strange how proud all of us are of her and her family. She obviously has some special parents to give her the sense of Duty Honor and Country that she has. It came from somewhere, and I think I know.

I just wanted Taylor to know that as a cop that works midnights, I have been to some of the scariest places and have seen some of the worst things you can think of here in the USA, BUT I only hope that I have the courage that she has when I need to be brave. She is the standard by which I now measure others and myself by.

Taylor..If you are ever near the Detroit area and want to ride along with a police officer, let me know... MI PGR ciddog91.