Thursday, March 8, 2007


We have decided to keep an update on Taylor's life, and Tanner. We couldn't be more proud of the example that Taylor is setting at such a young age for all to follow. We get so many emails and so many questions about her, we thought what better way to share then to blog. This is a new area, so forgive me as I start out. I am not going to post much now as I need to see how this looks AND how it works (in fact, I started up this blog and I have no idea the address of it! LOL this should give a GREAT indication on how things are going to go!!)

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Mark Lauer, USMC (Inact.) said...

Hi Sgt. Batten!
I just wanted to send you a message from a fellow Marine! You are one fine Devil Dog!!
Or, since you're rather young, maybe you're a Devil PUP?
God bless you, little sister! You make this old Jarhead proud to share the title of Marine with you!
Semper Fi, Mark A. Lauer,USMC (Inactive)